Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MTV: the ones that didnt make it.

we all know mtv is supposed to be a music channel but every now and then they try to come out with the next big show..maybe its for ratings, something new, to keep the viewers excited idk. but they all have one thing in common, they always only last like for 3 episodes. heres my top cancelled mtv shows.

The Andy Milonakis Show

idk where this guy came from but when this show came out he was everywhere i mean every where. it was the craziest shit but it had us all dyin. hes like the white dave chappelle..both funny as hell, both disappeared.....

Yo mama

this show was basically the joke version of freestylin battles and every black person loved it cause it was like the 1st decent thing MTV did for us in 15 years. nobody knew where the hell wilmur came from though but nonetheless it was a good show cause the jokes were actually funny & not somethin you found off the internet.

Boiling Points

[thats lady gaga btw] but anyways boiling points was the classic "yellin at the tv" show. #1 cause you wanna tellin them "YOURE 8.7 SECONDS AWAY FROM GETTIN $400 STFU!" & #2 cause as soon as a black lady with her friend walks in you know all hell is about to break loose. kudos to the people who actually won the money tho i couldnt take that fat man & that annoying bitch for too long.

Wild'n Out

nick cannon has done 2 decent things in his career: mariah carey & creating this show. it was kinda funny & we still watched it even though we knew every week the black team was gonna win cause they had a celebrity. d-ray, kat williams, affion, spanky, & them nerdy 2 white guys made the show basically cause nick cannon just made himself look even more wack. baggy jeans & hoodies, too many career failure jokes, then cornrows? we were laughing at him more than with smh.

Makin the Band 2

diddy come out with nothin but A+ stuff & he really did it with this one. this was the best makin the band season there was. it was before the whiney males divas and the talentless bitches got a show..smh. dylon got impersonated by dave chappelle & chopper tried a couple times here & there but other than that Da Band basically went MIA after the show unfortunately..damn. i mean we stopped carin so much no one even hardly talked about sarah's boyfriend whoopin her ass...

Doggie Fizzle Televizzle

i think i speak for everyone who remembers this show: stupid ass mess. whoever gave snoop dogg the funding/time to make this show im pretty sure got fired.

Pimp My Ride

another show mtv did a great job on with taking off the air. 5 tv's, a blow-up mattress, surround sound theatre system, recording booth? i think whoever made this show said "how much money can we waste and how ignorant can we make the car? OH and we also need an irrelevant rap artist so we can simultaneously get his career back off the beach he got washed up on". okay i OD'd, but you can only make so many exciting episodes of putting a tv in a car, and at the end of the day, the cars still looked a mess and the guy still lived at home with his mom.


TRL was very long lived & they had every important person under the sun on that show, but after a while everyone was tired of the interviews & breaks. people just stopped caring & didnt give a fuck about what they had to say cause we wanted videos & could look it up on the internet 10 times faster if we wanted celebrity it kinda faded out of existence. mtv got smart & now just play videos back to back so we dont have to listen to some boring guys mouth.

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